It’s been quite some time since I’ve bothered to blog.  It’s time to try and make this a weekly ritual in concordance with a new project.  Initially I thought I would begin the arduous task of illustrating a graphic novel I’ve had sitting on the shelf for several years now.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s time for that.  I am inspired towards a new learning experience that I am hoping will project me forward.  Since I have started teaching, something I have been trying to impress upon the students I am instructing is that; “…we should never compare ourselves to other artists.”  While I still believe this to be a truism, it’s incredibly hard to do if you desire to call yourself a professional- and beyond that, a commodity.

When I was in an illustration self-promotion class taught by Richard Krepel, I was inspired by a project he shared with us.  A student had spent the better part of 2 years filling sketchbooks, using only ink, with at least one drawing every day.  The student drew from observation as well as imagination in order to develop a personal, visual vocabulary.  This process aided in developing and enhancing the artist’s personal style.  The more I look at my own style, the more I feel like it is not distinct enough.  It doesn’t have what I am looking for.

Something very strange happened to me after I finished grad school…  I realized I now know less about myself than I ever have in my life.  I actually feel a little bit lost.  Even after I spent over 3,000 hours on a project that meant so much to me… I am left unsatisfied.  I need to evolve.  So, I am going to begin this “sketch a day for a year” project next week (following Fort Ligonier Days).  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can follow through and that this new course I am about to begin charting will satisfy whatever it is inside of me that keeps telling me; “It’s not enough.”


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