The plight of artists is, more often than not, finding a proper platform for their passions so they can share them with as many people as possible. These platforms often come at a price.  Whether that price be an investment of time or money (most likely both), it’s difficult to come by either in this day and age.

I have spent thousands of hours and more money than i care to count on the projects that mean the most to me.  I would love to share them with everyone, but that is easier said than done.  Of course nowadays with all the social networking going on, it’s a hellovalot easier to get the word out. But it seems like very few people actually pay attention since EVERYONE is doing it.  “Look at this!”, “Read this blog!”, “Comment on my photos!”, “Check out this video!” It gets overwhelming and so we ignore everything that doesn’t jump out at us.

I have no delusions about my ability to convince people to fund the ‘Kickstarter’ project I proposed about a week ago.  I set the bar incredibly high because, unfortunately, that is how much it is actually going to cost to have my ‘Tarot D’ printed so I can distribute it.  Yeah… I know… it’s crazy.  But, it matters to me, so I figured I’d do it just for the hell of it.

I am so bad at self-promotion.  Anyone who knows me knows this.  My approach to my ‘Kickstarter’ video was in keeping with that notion.  I provided my own voice over, I claimed my project to be “the greatest creative endeavor of all time”, and other nonsense like that.  I made a fool out of myself for the sake of entertaining anyone who bothered to take a few minutes out of their day to watch it.  That was my silly way of thanking anyone who was supportive enough to show interest.

I have been meaning to conduct one final interview in accordance with my practicum, but the subject of the interview I want to do is in the midst of her portfolio semester at Goddard College, so i figured now is probably not the best time.  So, in the meantime, I will be working like a mad man to complete my ‘Tarot D’ by the end of the year.  Regardless of whether or not I am able to fund the production of a physical deck, I will see it through to completion.  I believe it’s been worth it.  All the time, effort and money had to go somewhere.  I am glad it was spent on something that I care about.

If you are interested in watching my goofy video (masterfully produced by Brent Ross), go to:


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