Munch Chair…

So I was shuffling through some old photos and I found this documentation of a project I did back in 2003.  It was for a 3D design class (not really my forte).  The assignment: take a found object and use it to pay homage to one of your favorite artists.  I chose to create an Edvard Munch chair…

Munch was a bit of a symbolist.  He used the icon of the heart, the sun setting over water, skeletons and the trinity of the ‘maiden, mother and crone’ repeatedly in his work.  He was also very loose, erratic and expressive with his lines and color choices.  The cast shadow I created out of cardboard because some of Munch’s works were actually painted on cardboard.  There is no seat for the chair- and so I placed a small, wooden box on the floor between the chair legs.  Inside this box is a painting of a ghostly fetus surrounded by spermatozoa.  This strange motif was something Munch used as a border for one of his most famous self portraits.  I wonder if H.R. Giger was a Munch fan.


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